Fine Print

fine print

I encourage everyone to learn everything they can about every plant they bring into their homes

Though I will try to answer any and all care questions I am not responsible for the life of your plant after they arrive at your door.

Plants are both very delicate and incredibly resilient. Leaves, vines and soils are not guaranteed to be perfect after the shipping process. These things are not detrimental to the life of the plants so I will not refund or replace for these reasons. If severe damage occurs I will refund the amount of or replace the specific item damaged. Send photos or videos of damaged goods direct to my email [email protected].

I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays unless requested otherwise.

Very large items will incur a greater shipping fee. It’s just the way it is. The size might also demand a slower shipping time to keep prices as low as possible. If you would like to expedite shipping please contact me for quotes.

During winter months I will always use heat packs and when temps are very low I will hold plants until temperatures rise to a reasonable degree.